First of Many

The reason why I have finally decided to purse writing,


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” – Maya Angelou

I have wanted to write a blog for quite a while now. I’m not sure why I didn’t start earlier. I may have lacked inspiration or even just the initial motivation to write my first article. Inspiration and motivation do go hand in hand but are not so similar to one another.                           Motivation comes from an external source.  It is how you want to be perceived, it forces you to keep up with others around you. It’s the drive that gets you out of bed, the one that pushes you. Motivation is always looking for that next “high”. If motivation comes from pure drive to make others happy than it is not being used to its full potential, but when motivation is used to push our own personal inspirations great things can happen. Inspiration is internal. It an influence by a personal experience, place, person etc., It comes from a long-term vision of what we want our life to be. Inspiration pulls you towards your future whereas motivation pushes you from behind.

“A highly-motivated person takes an idea, goes out there, and won’t let anybody interfere with them. Inspiration is exactly the opposite. If motivation is when you get hold of an idea and carry it through to its conclusion, inspiration is the reverse. An idea gets hold of you and carries you where you are intended to go.” – Wayne Dyer

I have always been motivated to write a blog but I never found my inspiration, until now. Travelling has really opened my eyes. It has taught me to look at what is in front of me and to never take anything for granted. In my home town, I always overlooked what was in front of me because I saw it every day. What may have been a new experience for someone else was an everyday sight for me. It hard to be inspired by the same park I walk through 3x a week or the same ally way filled with graffiti that I have memorized. But what if I were to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Maybe the shape of the tree would intrigue another person mind or the graffiti would have their imagination running with wild.

I want to start a blog to keep family and friends updated and hopefully in the future other readers. I want you to feel like you are walking a mile in my shoes. I want to open my mind and drive my creativity that is hiding. I want readers to feel as though they have been on the same street, been in the same river bed or the same trail I’ve walked on. I want to create a visual experience for others so you too can be inspired to look at what is around you and never forgot what it might be like for someone else.


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