Cape Point Nature Reserve

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Cape Point Nature Reserve is by far one of the most memorable places I have seen. It lies an hour south of the fantastic city Cape Town. Often mistaken to be the southernmost part of South Africa that title belongs to Cape Agulhas, but don’t let that discourage you from going. The panoramic views of the deserted beaches, intense blue waters and an array of flora and fauna will make you fall in love.

Before entering the park, the native locals show off their artwork.
A curious young boy.

I purchased wooden sculptures of the big five, two birds made out soapstone and an ostrich egg. It is the perfect place to buy souvenirs; much cheaper than any store in Cape Town, as long as you know how to bargain.

Bottom of the first lookout point.

Notice to the left of the picture above a sign stating “Baboons are dangerous and attracted by food.” Luckily we did not run into any baboons on the way to our first lookout point. It took 20 minutes by foot, but if you are unable to walk to the top, you can ride a funicular.

Half ways up.
At the top! Little did I know I would be in Amsterdam a month after this picture was taken.

From this point, I spotted a lighthouse that I could not pass the opportunity to photograph. There was only one problem; it was not on the path. After convincing Lena that we would be okay, I captured one of my favourite pictures.


Getting here wasn’t easy. We had to climb over a wall preventing tourists from taking an old path that has not maintained. We walked through a bit of bush and my only real concern were snakes and scorpions. Thankfully we did not see any; only lizards.

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Did you notice the beach in the “Half ways up!” picture? Well, that was our next stop. At first, we tried to continue along the beaten path but it got more dangerous the further we went. We decided to turn around and take the safer route.

This wasn’t any safer as I went under the safety rope and put my GoPro as far as I could over the ledge to take this photo.
Almost at the beach.

I was shocked at the colours of the earth. The soil changed drastically from one area to another.



From the top of the stairs that led to the beach, the water looked very calm. As soon as we approached the water, I knew right away that it was in fact, the exact opposite. The water roared with every wave. You could almost sense the intensity of the undertow. Mother Nature did not pity whoever was to enter; I did not dare to test her strength.


I took this time to seize the moment. The cliffs reached 200ft above my head, the large grains of sand between my feet and the waves crashing behind me. It was breathtaking.


At this point, it was starting to get late. We had to leave the park before sunset.

Stairs leading to and from the beach.
“Cape Town 17”

Cape Point was magnificent; I cannot stop raving about this beautiful Nature Reserve. If you ever get the chance to go to South Africa I highly recommend visiting Cape Point. We spent 7 hours here and did not get to see half of what we wanted to. If you genuinely want to see all of Cape Point Nature Reserve I suggest putting aside two days. I cannot wait to go back so I can finish what I started.







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